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Man as the living and most advanced being of all is distinguished from other beings not only by skill and intelligence but also by the language of speech for the purpose of communication between themselves. It is considered that the first human language has emerged about 100,000 and 200,000 years ago. The development of languages and humans has progressed in parallel, the more intelligent human became, also languages evolved. Language is the main means of communication between people. There are nearly 7,000 different languages in the world! The Albanian language throughout history has evolved much like other modern languages. In 1908, the unification of the language alphabet, which was orientation towards Europe, was made, and the Alphabet contained 36 letters written in Latin and some of them are unique. According to this unification or better to say standardization, the Albanian language contains a total of 36 letters out of which 7 are vowels and 29 consonants. Analysis of texts written in Albanian language is of special importance. To contribute to this area, I have created the website www.alfabeti.al through which anyone can do the analysis of the Albanian language texts and as a result to obtain the most used letters statistics in the beginning of the words, the most used letters at the end of words as well as the most used words in the selected text.

Analysis Results:

Shkarko veglat

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